Zamfoo Software Installation

The following article will help you install Zamfoo on your server.

Before installing Zamfoo on your server please ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • cPanel is installed on your server
  • You have root access on your server
  • Perl and Curl are installed on your server. (This should be installed by default on a cPanel server however, it is always safe to double check

Note: A new installation refers to a server installing Zamfoo for the first time. This installation will include both script and data file installations and therefore must NOT be used if you have already installed Zamfoo on your server. If you are attempting to upgrade Zamfoo, please follow the steps mentioned here

If this is the FIRST TIME ZamFoo is being installed on the server run the following commands in SSH:

cd /
tar -xvf zamfoo_installer.tar
chmod 755 runme.cgi

Then follow the directions in the license key file which automatically opens if you ran the above commands correctly. The license key itself is located in Client Zone.

If the installation was successful you should see the plugin links in the bottom left side of WHM. Check the installation to make sure it is working by clicking Root Reseller when logged in as root and clicking a couple of other links.

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